Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Rim With A View Website to Expand!

Dear Friends of A Rim With A View,
I'm excited to announce that hundreds of videos will soon be added to in order to enhance the value of signing up for membership to the site. The original concept was to present the best rimming scenes in the world in one place. Other sites say they have rimming, but only my scenes are hand-picked for the best lighting, angles and gusto! After finding around 50 of them (11 of them being ones I produced myself!), I realized that members to the site would also appreciate viewing the rest of the movies these scenes originally came from, as well as any other movies I could add that would enhance the membership experience. So be on the lookout for hundreds of video titles to be added to the site! In addition, you can download the music from my movies by searching youtube for the search term "A Rim With A View". I've used one of the songs as my ringtone on my cell phone - it's fun! It was the basis for my parody commercial for the fictional product cockringtones. I produced the music myself using loops of chord progressions and beats. It's a great way to score your next movie! Finally, if you're a webmaster looking for adult content to license for a membership site like mine, or you're thinking of starting an adult website like mine, e-mail me at, or visit to find out more about what I do. Blog you later!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Dear friends,
Hello! Hands Solo here again for my once in a blue moon entry. The exciting news for 2008 is that my latest title, A Rim With A View #3 will be released first on my new website, WWW.ARIMWITHAVIEW.COM, as exclusive content. The site will be officially launched during the January 2008 Adult Expo held in Las Vegas. The DVD version of the title will be released some time later in the year. You really need some exclusive content for your website to be competitive these days! There are dozens of other websites that turn up when I do a web search for the term "Rim", but I think my site will be your favorite! As you might know, I'm not only a director, I am also the Sales Manager for Video 10 Distributors. And Video 10 has allowed me to search through their archives of hundreds of movies to find the best rimming scenes for the new site. But also, in honor of the launch of the site, I've also put together new compilations of these scenes that will be released in January 2008. They are "RIMNASTICS GOLD" and "RIMNASTICS GOLD #2". These are Video 10's first 4-hour compilations, and the scenes were personally selected by yours truly. So be on the lookout for those! There will be a few more surprises in store as 2008 gets going - hope to blog you later! XO Hands

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hello again! Fred Bercovitz here to announce the wrap of the sequel to my last movie. It's called A Rim With A View Part Deux - The Quicker Licker Upper. Here's the dirt!

GayVN Award Nominated Director Hands Solo (aka Fred Bercovitz, Sales Manager for Video 10 Distributors) has just completed production at the end of October 2005 of the sequel to his hugely successful award nominated title, A Rim With A View. A RIM WITH A VIEW PART DEUX employs the late night infomercial parody style that Hands has mined so successfully in the past. The stellar cast includes such well-known models as Brad Benton and Mark Slade, plus Nick Mazzaro, fresh from his stint in Falcon’s upcoming release, Trapped. The production features product placement with the clear plastic RimPerfect Rim Chair and Sphincterine Ass-tringent, just as in the original. But what’s new and exciting are the fantastic locations that are featured, such as Hollywood’s Den of Iniquity, and Mr S. Leather and The Faultline Bar, both located in Silverlake. Besides directing, producing, graphicly designing and writing the sequel, Hands is doing his own editing as well, so it can truly be said that this is "the director’s cut". The cast also includes Park Wiley, Mark Cirriano and Tony La Rocco, and climaxes with Kyle Aames, Scott Wilde and cover model Ben Damon in a wild 3-way sandwich! Anticipated Release Spring ’06.
In A RIM WITH A VIEW Part Deux, horny models continue to act out the butt-munching instructions found in the pages of the User's Manual for the new clear plastic RimPerfect Rim Chair – It’s the Quicker Licker-Upper! First, there’s a recap of the action from Part 1, featuring Brandon James, Lee Walters, Antonio York, Justin, Raul, Jack London, Scott Mann and Gavin Braun. Then, on to Part Deux! In the opening scene, Brad Benton and Park Wiley scout a porn location at downtown Hollywood's Den of Iniquity play space where Park rims Brad using the RimPerfect Rim Chair, then Brad tops Park on a wheel chair! Then, after sharing a double ended dildo, Brad plugs Park in a leather sling! Then, Officer Nick Mazzaro answers an alarm at Mr. S. Leather, where store Manager Mark Slade has tripped the alarm on purpose yet again to get Officer Nick to come down there. Mark makes it up to Nick by first probing him with a clear plastic dildo, then Nick rims Mark on the Rimperfect, then Mark tops Nick on a plush leather-covered four-poster bed! Next, Mark Cirriano and Tony La Rocco play "hornymooners" when Mark carries Tony over the threshhold. Tony gets to open the Best Man’s present from the pile of wedding gifts, and it happens to be a RimPerfect Rim Chair. After Mark rims Tony in the chair, Mark tops Tony in the two-man shower. Finally, Kyle Aames, Ben Damon and Scott Wilde meet at Silverlake’s Faultline bar to show just how the RimPerfect Rim Chair comes in handy whenever you're planning your next 3-way! After the three wipe each other’s butts with Sphincterine Ass-tringent, they rim on the Rimperfect and climax with a daisy chain sex sandwich with Ben in the middle, Kyle in the caboose and Scott in front!

Monday, August 30, 2004


Hello everyone! Hands Solo here, GayVN Award Nominated director for the title "School of Hard Cocks". I’m blogging away because I’ve come up with the second movie of my budding career, one that features an ass-tounding new use for toilet seats! Once you screw in 4 legs to them, not only do they make great end tables, but they also make great sex toys! The proof can be found in my new gay porn video, "A Rim With A View", produced by my new company, Not Into Bush Productions. My main mission in creating this video was to bring innovation to Luddite rimmers and rimmee's everywhere by inventing the star of the show, a jewel-like rim chair made from clear plastic resin and 4 galvanized steel legs. The presence of the chair mystically lords over the activities of every scene, my homage to the effect of the alien monolith in the film 2001. Also, I’ve made some powerful allies with the liberal product placement of jock straps from in every scene, and the portrayal of the proper use of Sphincterine Ass-tringent in scene 4, with total approval. At press time, "A Rim With A View" has just had its theatrical release at the very adult oriented Tom Kat Theater located in West Hollywood. So, if you’re blowing through town during the week of September 1st, 2004, catch it there, or visit my website at for details on how you can purchase a copy of the video. And, although the chairs themselves are not for sale officially, I am always interested in discussing an IPO with anyone out there (and I mean that in more ways than one) who has the inclination. Not only are the chairs sanctioned by the City of West Hollywood as a tax-exempt handicraft, but I am ready with the perfect tag line for the advertising campaign! RimPerfect – The Chair When You Care For Back There. P.S. Depending on the level of success for this project, I hope to follow it up with my next blockbuster, "Brad’s Pitts".